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WordPress Words: Attachment

An attachment is an image or other file uploaded through the post editor’s upload utility. Attachments can be displayed on their own ‘page’ or template.”
Attachment – WordPress Codex

Why are Attachments Important

  1. Less Confusing for the User: Allowing the user to see an image more clearly, without navigating away from your site or clicking the back button to get back to your site.
  2. Direct Attachment to Posts and Pages: Simpler to change an image for a single post or page, or changing them all at once across your site, instead changing them individually.
  3. Branding: How you present yourself; is your site professional, establishing a personal confidence and trust in your product or service.

Types of Attachments

Attachments are images and files linked to the web page on WordPress.

There is a range of file types that can be uploaded into the Media Library they include image, video and audio files, but other file types such as document files or spreadsheet files can also be incorporated into your WordPress site. Continue reading WordPress Words: Attachment

Importance of Image Attachments in WordPress

Before discussing the importance of image attachments, its important to understand how they work on your site. An image attachment is defined as:

A setting used through the media library, allowing you to add an image that opens on its own page connecting to your website.

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