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How to Change the WordPress Page and Post Authors

An author is the person who is credited with writing a post or page on WordPress. By default, the author is set to the name of the logged-in user who originally created the post or page. In some WordPress Themes, the author appears a a link to the users Gravatar biography, in others it may the biography as part of the page or post.

How to Select or Change Authors

Page and post authors may be changed from the edit screen on new pages/posts, or by editing existing ones Admin Side Bar > Posts/Pages > All Posts/Pages then click item to edit.

By default, the author selection menu is hidden. To unhide it, click Screen Options > Author.  The Author Menu is now added below the Visual/Text Editor (click-and-drag the menu title to move).

Screenshot showing the location of the Screen Options and Help menus in the upper-right of the Post Edit screen.

To change authors, click the drop-down selection menu:  Author > Selection. (Only one author selection is permitted; be sure to update or save).

Authorship may also be changed from the All Posts and All Pages screens, either by using Quick or Bulk Edit.

How to Cite More than One Contributor on a Post

So if you have more than one author on your site, and more than one author working on a certain post, how do you give credit to multiple authors? When creating the post, there is only room to add one author. Well fear not, there is actually more than one solution making it as easy as “plugging in” the authors name.

As you can see below, there is only room to add one author into your post. Well that is about to change for good.
Only one line to select an author for a post
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