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US Internet Competition and Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is important for small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs . Net Neutrality preserves our right to an open internet. An open internet allows these entrepreneurs to communicate freely on the web.

Protecting Entrepreneurs on the Web

In May 2014, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler released a plan that would give internet service companies control over free speech on the web. This meant that they could block and discriminate against any applications or content that was carried on these networks. Internet service providers could charge websites and companies money in order to have their packets delivered faster. Advertisers with more money would get a higher speed and a student blogger might be slowed down.

Document signed by the President February 26, 2015.
A letter from the President expressing his support for Net Neutrality.

An internet protest was held by Etsy, WordPress, and Netflix to draw attention to the idea. Wheeler’s original proposal was shot down and revised after activists fought back. He based the new proposal of the Net Neutrality rules on Title II of the Communications Act, giving Internet users the strongest protections possible.

The FCC approved Wheeler’s proposal on Feb. 26, 2015. The rules rooted in Title II of the Communications Act ban throttling, blocking and paid prioritization.