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Interview with Jeff Chandler: Contributing writer with WP Tavern

Jeff Chandler Photo of Jeff Chandler.is a contributing writer with WP Tavern and the host of WordPress Weekly, WP Tavern’s podcast. Jeff also writes a personal blog, Thoughts and Insanity from Jeff. He has been the Bar Chief at WP Tavern since he officially launched WP Tavern in January of 2009.

WP Tavern is a site dedicated to all things WordPress. It has grownWP Tavern Screen Captureto be a WordPress Community gathering place where users can go to learn about the latest news, events, and developments in the WordPress World. In June of 2011, the site was purchased by Audrey, Inc., a research and investment company owned by Matt Mullenweg. Jeff has continued to write and host through the change in ownership. Recently I had a conversation by email with Jeff about his take on WordPress.

Lynne: I’ve been reading about the History of WordPress and how it developed. What’s your take on how it has evolved? What do you think has led to its success? Continue reading Interview with Jeff Chandler: Contributing writer with WP Tavern

WordPress Support Handbook

If you want to teach new WordPress support volunteers on the various WordPress forums such as Installation, WP-Advanced or Multisite, how to troubleshoot the many issues they’re likely to encounter, there’s a new guide available appropriately titled Troubleshooting Handbook. Continue reading WordPress Support Handbook

Favicons: WP Tavern reviews Favicon Generator

By LaRhea Phillips

Jeff Chandler wrote an article on WP Tavern discussing the use of a helpful and free favicon generator called realfavicongenerator.net. Favicons are small images, usually 16×16 pixel, that are used for various technology. PCs, Macs, iOS, android phone, desktop browser, windows task bar, etc. all use favicons to identify programs.

Continue reading Favicons: WP Tavern reviews Favicon Generator

WPTarvern: How To Create A Dropdown Menu of WordPress Categories Without Using Code

On WPTarvern, Jeff Chandler talks about How To Create A Dropdown Menu of WordPress Categories Without Using Code. This is very helpful for people who do not prefer code.

He gives a step by step tutorial on how to make a dropdown menu without code.  It just a few steps you can learn how to, then do it to your own website.

Jeff Chandler writes that “By using this technique, I can modify which categories and what order they are displayed using the WordPress menu manager. I don’t have to worry about it disappearing via plugins or by switching themes. ” This can be super helpful for people who like to change their theme of their site a lot or for the people who are plugin happy. Changing a theme or adding a plugin will not make this disappear.

So now for everyone who wants to add a dropdown menu for all the categories you have on your site, you now can.

If you like what Jeff Chandler has to write, don’t hesitate to check out his other articles.