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How to Create a Contact Form with the Jetpack WordPress Plugin

WordPress.com has a built in contact form available to self-hosted WordPress sites via the Jetpack WordPress Plugin</a .  A contact form allows you to give your readers the ability to get in touch with you from your page or post. 

From a post or Page, look above the toolbar for a button labeled "Contact Form."

Contact Form Button

Contact forms are a great way to get in touch with your readers, without giving out your personal email address, but don’t just limit yourself to thinking about contact forms for communicating with readers. The Contact Form feature of Jetpack allows you to set up many types of forms to increase interactivity on your site.

Here are instructions on how to create a contact form with the Jetpack WordPress Plugin and on WordPress.com. Continue reading How to Create a Contact Form with the Jetpack WordPress Plugin


WordPress Social Media: Jetpack and BuddyPress

We live in an ever expanding world thanks to the glorious place we call the Internet, but there is one aspect of the web that has altered the playing field with how we share information and communicate with one another: Social Media.

The social media concept, or web 2.0, revolutionized how businesses and people convey information.

social media concept cloud With the addition of smart devices, we can now use these services even faster. In the last decade, more people than ever before have integrated their business and personal profiles into the social media network, leading to a fast rate of discovery of information and being able to make your voice heard across the entire world.

Social media is a rather powerful tool to use in the arsenal of WordPress and its growing database of WordPress Plugins. Built into the core of WordPress.com, and as a functionality of the Jetpack Plugin, it will provide you with what you need and much more to integrate social media into your WordPress site.

In this case, social media can be used to make your WordPress site more interactive and be able to reach a greater audience. Continue reading WordPress Social Media: Jetpack and BuddyPress

Jetpack WordPress Plugin Has Now Been Updated

Jet Pack is a great plugin that allows WordPress.org user’s to access many great features all in one Plugin. WordPress.com users already have all of the features of Jet Pack integrated into WordPress.com.  Jet Pack was released back in 2011, and it really was a special feature that many people were clamoring for!

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress described it as a:

, “dream of mine…to provide feature parity between WordPress.com and WordPress.org for everybody.”

He shared this with us in his post called Jet Pack to the WP.com Cloud.

And now Jet Pack has had a makeover!  There is a terrific improvement that has been made as well as a couple of great new feature that have been added to Jet Pack.   Continue reading Jetpack WordPress Plugin Has Now Been Updated