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Web Accessibility: Text Justification

According to the Business Dictionary Text Justification is defined as

” A paragraph or block of text in which all words in all lines are spaced-out such that the first word aligns with the left margin and last word with the right margin.”

Providing text that is legible and easy to read is import for Web Accessibility. Some users may have difficulty reading text that is not aligned properly. Aligning text to both the left and the right of a paragraph can cause what is known as rivers in a page, these are noticeable spaces between words, you may have noticed this in some newspapers or a magazine article that you have read recently.Justifying your words to the left hand side of a column is usually the first step in avoiding this issue. Continue reading Web Accessibility: Text Justification

Landing Page: Lead Generation or Click Through

  • The Home page is not the landing page.
  • Any page a visitor lands on is not the landing page.
  • The landing page is a free-standing page used for one of two purposes:
    1. Inbound Marketing – Lead Generation Landing Page or
    2. Outbound Sales – Click Through Landing Page

A Landing Page is designed with two primary goals:
Continue reading Landing Page: Lead Generation or Click Through