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Web Accessibility: Lists

Why should we use lists? Why are lists important to web accessibility? How do are lists need to be structured in compliance with web accessibility laws?

Using ul, ol, and dl elements for defining list content ensures users with disabilities can easily distinguish a list from the rest of the content and move between items of a list and between lists themselves. You should write link text that clearly communicates the target of the link making navigation easier for all users. Using link lists also makes it easier to find and update links on web resources.

According to the Web Accessibility Guidelines (WAC), website designers and developers are required to: Continue reading Web Accessibility: Lists

How to Create the “Perfect” Post – Part 2

Welcome to part two of two in this series on “How to Construct the “Perfect” Post.” Did you have a nice intermission?

Here in the second act we will cover the last few tips I have for you to make your content sing out like the proverbial fat lady. Remember, you may have composed the grandest aria ever but if your presentation is scrawny and slim, nobody can hear it. So let’s continue to make your presentation gloriously obese!

fat lady singing
So it’s over then?

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Top WordPress Plugins: 2012 versus 2013

As a WordPress user, the proverbial Pokemon cards of this particular trade are Plugins. Once you have a few, you need to find more, better, cooler ones and bulk up your website to raise its stats and level up to make the other sites faint in your presence. Plugins are the meat to your potatoes. The corner pieces of your puzzle. The prosthetic limbs that help your WordPress page win the race while everyone else is dragging behind. You can browse for new limbs in the Plugins directory, or you can join me here and become informed of the most popular and highest rated Plugins since 2012.
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How to Make HTML Lists

HTML lists are obviously quite common on websites. People tend to shy away from them however because the code can seem a little complicated, especially when you get into nesting lists to make one or two sub-levels. Though I assure you coding a nested list it is quite an easy concept! We will be doing all of this within the WordPress text editor.
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