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How to Manage Comments

Managing comments plays an integral role in WordPress. It’s necessary to maintain comments to keep your site free of spam and ensure that all user’s comments are appropriate.

There are some situations where you might want to edit comments in bulk, edit the content of a comment, make comments as spam, and even enable or disable comments altogether.

This tutorial will highlight the basics of comment management so you can be in control of your site’s comments. Continue reading How to Manage Comments

Interview with a Professional WordPress User Jason Meister

I had the opportunity to sit down with the Network Administrator of my company and chat a little about the WordPress site that we currently have.

His name is Jason Meister, and he is in charge of maintaining and updating the site on a regular basis. Those updates not only cover the necessary WordPress updates, but also updates to the content and layout as well. Keeping it inline with the company’s focus and target market.

Although WordPress is not his core function at the company, he has to insure the site maintains a professional look and feel and works well with everything else we have in the company.
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