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New Extension for AppBuddy Presented in Miami at BuddyCamp

WP Tavern reports that AppBuddy, a social networking app for iOS and Android that helps to create a social media app for WordPress sites, has a new extension and it was presented at BuddyCamp for BuddyPress users.


This new extension is designed for WordCamps, WordPress conferences, that are being hosted by the Armchair program. On May 9, 2014, this extension was made assessable to customers who had the Agency bundle.

The team of created AppBuddy is working on making the app run faster by using the local storage. The usability of the camera is already in place. Live updates to BuddyPress notification are being made possible in the next couple of weeks. In the future the team of AppBuddy hopes they can make the phone contacts able to connect with this app to make it easier to connect with friends. According to the developer, Messenlehner:

It is a powerful tool for people who have big ideas but don’t have the development skills to realize them and don’t want to spend $100,000 developing a custom app.

The AppBuddy can be downloaded from WP Armchair site or through the app stores.

WordPress Mobile iOS Update Available

The WordPress iOS App is designed to let Apple mobile users write, add photos, check spelling, and create links within their WordPress site.

Version 4.0.3

WordPress has just released (May 18th, 2014) an update for iOS mobile devices. If you are an apple user and want to take your WordPress experience to the next level, WordPress for iOS will do just that. With multiple changes made with the new version 4.0.3, WordPress for iOS continues to amuse the Apple community.

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What Gravatar App? Why Gravatar App?

The Gravatar Logo
WP Tavern’s Jeff Chandler Wrote an interesting tidbit today about Toni Schneider’s “No details, yet. Stay tuned.” answer when asked about the upcoming Gravatar mobile app Schnider, who traded places with Matt Mullenweg at auttomatic posted this question on the Gravatar blog. Which platform should a Gravatar app be released for first?.Readers had to choose between iOS, Android, or Other. At this time Android is out in front, with iOS trailing behind.

I found some insight, answers, and conjectures in the comments section of Chandler’s article.

Tom J Nowell said this..

I honestly don’t know what a gravatar app would do that a well done web app wouldn’t do for a fraction of the time/money/effort, we can already upload images on iOS via the web, and Android.

It was followed by a very informative and mildly lengthy comment post by Leland Fiegel, here is some of it.

If I had to guess, the mobile app is just a small part of a MUCH bigger Gravatar pivot. We’ve been seeing hints of this for quite a while with the hovercards, linking websites to your account, etc.

Keep in mind, Gravatar is not just a WordPress thing. It’s also been adopted by other very large sites like GitHub, BitBucket, StackOverflow, and others.

Could you imagine if you could “follow” Gravatar users and keep track of their activity across the massive network of Gravatar-enabled sites? We’ve all been participating in what may be one of the larger social networks on the web without even realizing it.

It’s hard to say if this was Automattic’s vision since they acquired Gravatar back in 2007, but I think Toni has recognized potential to be much bigger than just a “globally recognized avatar” service, and he’s acting on it.

I guess we’ll find out in the near future, I am curious about this plays out….How bout’ you?

Hat Tip:Official Gravatar Mobile App In The Works

The WordPress App by Automattic for iOS 7: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This review of the WordPress Mobile App by Automattic is for an older version. The review may not represent issues with the current version.

Initially, this article was to cover the use of WordPress Mobile by Automattic that I tested from my iPhone 4s. But, with the release of iOS 7, developers have been rushing to get their apps ready to use, and those at Automattic are no different. So this is more of a review than anything else. You can follow along as best as you can, and if you are the app’s developer, I urge you to do so.

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