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Interview with Marci Koski: Fish Biologist

Marci.Marci is an extraordinary women who I had the pleasure of meeting when I began doing a web project for her in Drupal last quarter. Her main site is marcilicious.com.

Marci has an interesting background from cartoonist, belly dancer, roller derby to her current job as a fish biologist. She is also madly in love with cats. Her fascination with Drupal was prominent in our discussions, so it came to my surprise that she was a WordPress user. Coming from the Drupal field I found cat fandom a common trait among WordPress users.

Marci is new to WordPress, giving us a great opportunity to talk about it from the perspective of someone familiar with blogging and web publishing on other platforms who is new to WordPress, specifically WordPress.com. Continue reading Interview with Marci Koski: Fish Biologist