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The WordPress Post Slug

You may have heard terms like post slug, permalink, and Pretty Permalink as you work on your WordPress site. To most people they can be very confusing. If we understand the concept of those things, they can be a very useful tool for sharing and keeping track of posts and pages.

This article will help you learn what in the world is a post slug and how to use it.

What is a Post Slug?

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How to create a Link in the WordPress Visual Editor

Anyone can just dump a link any-old-where. How about


Feel like clicking on that? Sometimes you as a blogger are going to want to place a link in your wonderfully and artfully crafted article. How to make it attractive rather than just dumping the ugly URL into your piece?

It’s actually wonderfully simple and fun once you know the best method. In your text editor, either in visual or text mode, whichever you prefer, type any words you want to represent the link you’re going to make. Anything you want.
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