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Project Management Made Easy: Project Panorama WordPress Plugin

The Project Panorama WordPress Plugin is designed to enhance your project management experience. It is designed to be a highly visual way of communicating your project progression status and progress updates to your clients, team members, and managers. Issues such as lack of communication and poor decision making are now no longer an issue thanks to Project Panorama and its full coverage of project statistics and updates.

The Plugin is available as free in a limited version, and paid for more functionality. Its second release, (1.2.1) adds many new features to it’s already enhanced functionality and customization options. Continue reading Project Management Made Easy: Project Panorama WordPress Plugin


Using Subversion to Make Projects Easier

If you are not familiar with Subversion, that title may sound a little sinister. While the dictionary definition of “subversion” may sometimes seem like the best idea in a particularly frustrating group project, the project management system known as Subversion is likely a better option.

What is Subversion?

Subversion, often shortened to SVN, is a system that is widely used in the free software community to manage projects and is also utilized by Google Code. Subversion was developed by the Apache Software Foundation and is currently under a free software license, meaning that it can be used freely as long as copyright notice is maintained. Continue reading Using Subversion to Make Projects Easier