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WordPress Words: Posts

Posts are what make your blog a blog — they’re servings of content that are listed in reverse chronological order on your blog’s front page.
Posts – WordPress Support Documentation

Example: “Did you write enough posts for the WordPress Newspaper site? You need to write five more posts by midnight.”

According to WordPress.com’s Support article on posts, posts are the essential content which make WordPress a blog. A post can be anything: an announcement of a new content series, a photograph of a special moment, a quote once buried but now on display, or even just a solitary link followed by a description. Continue reading WordPress Words: Posts

The Publisher Confirmation WordPress Plugin

Ever go a long your merry way writing a killer article. Your in the zone fingers cruising along the keyboard, you feel great your ready to tell the world. You hit publish but just as you do an overwhelming feeling of dread hits you like burlap sack full of 900 pound gorillas.

You forgot to proof read your post and now the damage has been done. People are reading it as you frantically try to cover your tracks before one more persons eyes can molest your post with snide comments.

Fortunately there is a plugin for that I learned about while reading an article on WP Tavern called “Prevent Publishing Mishaps In WordPress With The Publisher Confirmation Plugin.” The Publisher Confirmation WordPress Plugin was written by TristanH.

When you click the publish button a little alert box arises. And all it does is ask you “Are you SURE you want to publish this post”?

Alert Box for the Publisher Confirmation WordPress Plugin.

How to Publish Future Posts

One of the most exciting feelings that a new WordPress user can experience is publishing their first post. That first post is then succeeded by many others, each being released onto the internet with a press of that lovely blue “Publish” button. There will be times, however, when you may need to schedule when your posts will be published.

Future Publishing? Why?

WordPress provides many convenient ways for you to manage your blog. The ability to publish future posts is a tool that can be useful to you as a blogger. However, why would you need to publish future posts? Aren’t you perfectly capable of doing it yourself immediately? Some of the reasons why having the ability to post future content would very useful to you are:

  • Your visitors like it when you post content regularly. Future posts allow you to post everything at just the right time, every time.
  • You can publish content at just the right time for your audience to see it, even if it’s at a time when you’re not online.
  • If you want to take a short vacation, you can still have your posts published regularly.

Continue reading How to Publish Future Posts