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How to Manage Comments

Managing comments plays an integral role in WordPress. It’s necessary to maintain comments to keep your site free of spam and ensure that all user’s comments are appropriate.

There are some situations where you might want to edit comments in bulk, edit the content of a comment, make comments as spam, and even enable or disable comments altogether.

This tutorial will highlight the basics of comment management so you can be in control of your site’s comments. Continue reading How to Manage Comments

Using Sticky Posts in WordPress

This article provides information on how to create a sticky post in WordPress and in what situations you should consider using them. It also covers the pros and cons of using sticky posts. If you are unfamiliar with what a sticky post is, it is simply a post that will always appear at the top of the front page of your blog. WordPress posts are displayed in reverse chronological order by default. So sticky posts provide a way to stick a post at the top of the front page even if it is not the newest post.

This article assumes that you already know how to edit a post. If you are unsure of how to edit a post then I recommend reading How to Edit a Post or Page, by Jesse Byars.
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