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WordPress News: Automattic Buys Scroll Kit for Storytellers

According to Venture Beat, Automattic purchased Scroll Kit, a visual online editor for storytelling. According to Scoll Kit, “Our objective was to create a process for making the web that was more like drawing on a piece of paper.”

Scroll Kit is a drag and drop, multimedia content app that allows creation of visual stories online in a scrolling format. Scroll Kit arranges elements in layers so that objects can be placed on top of other objects

An example of how Scroll Kit works can be seen from Contently.com on a feature story called “Brooklyn Took It” and the New York Times Snow Fall.

Information and tutorials on how to use Scroll Kit may be found from Mariam Posner and in the Pharrell interview on Complex.

Automattic Buys Scroll Kit for Storytellers

In the article “WordPress just bought Scroll Kit, a visual online editor for stories,” written by Kia Kokalitcheva, she starts by talking about the different companies that have busted into the website making game. Kokalitcheva compares a few of the companies like Squarespace, Weebly and Brandcast and the amount of funding that they get. Plus gives insight to Automattic raising $100 million in funding. Continue reading Automattic Buys Scroll Kit for Storytellers

Automattic Acquires Scroll Kit

Automattic, is adding to the WordPress production team by folding in Scroll Kit’s founders Cody Brown and Kate Ray. Scroll Kit is an app that allows for the customizing of web pages with out having to write lines of code. Included in the announcement is a schedule that outlines the ongoing functionality of the app, as the Scroll Kit teams merges with Automattic.

Hat Tip: WPTavern