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WordPress Plugins: Soliloquy Lite

The Soliloquy Lite Responsive Slider plugin allows you to create  sliders with both images and videos. The plugin is quick and super easy to use and showcases a code to put on any post or page.

Soliloquy's logo.

This is what your posts section looks before the Plugin was installed:

A screenshot of the add new post panel.After the plugin is activated, an Add Slider button will show up next to the Add Media button on the Posts and Pages sections.

A add slider button next to the add media button.

An example of the the Add New Soliloquy Slider is shown below.  In context area you can upload images and set the configurations of how you want your slider to look:

The new slider post area.

Once finished with setting up your slider, go to Add Post and click the Add Slider button choose the slider you just made and then publish it.

A sample slider post.

On the site, you should see something like the screenshot below:

A sample slider of Soliloquy Lite.

For More Information:

WordPress Plugin: Huge-It Slider Tutorial

The Huge-It Slider WordPress Plugin is a user-friendly Plugin that allows users to add unlimited images to their websites. 

This could be useful if you have a website specializing in photography or a sporting event.

Features of the Huge-IT Slider

  • Unlimited images
  • Video Slider – YouTube & Vimeo
  • Posts Slider (content slider)
  • 15 different Navigation buttons
  • 9 different positions for Slider Title and Description
  • Auto-generated shortcode to copy and paste the slider to posts, pages , and templates.
  • Can add slider in widgets from widgets admin panel
  • Ability to change font size of Slider Title and Description
  • Full Design Management
  • Support upon request in 24 hours

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Shortcake, a Plugin That’s a Piece of Cake

Shortcake is a project designed to breathe new life into shortcodes and make using them “a piece of cake” according to its creators at Fusion. In her WP Tavern review of this new plugin, Sarah Gooding explains how Shortcake “create(s) a user-friendly interface for adding shortcode content and attributes to pages/posts.” This is the first real change to the shortcode UPI since it was introduced in 2008.

WordPress Video Shortcodes

The WordPress Codex article on shortcodes refers to them as macros. WordPress Shortcodes are the function inside the WordPress core that allows for adding video, audio, images as well as other fun features like Twitter Timelines and Google Maps without code in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and other web programming languages. In addition to the shortcodes mentioned in the Codex article, WordPress Support has a complete list of available shortcodes for WordPress.com sites.
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Plugin Review: WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes WordPress Plugin from Synved is a nice WordPress Plugin that allows you to style various elements within your WordPress site like: User Interface, Layouts, Lists and Boxes.

Shortcode Plugin Examples of features.

The User Interface feature allows you to create accordion menus. Tab menus various types of buttons and there is a links feature that allows you to easily create links within your site or to external sources. These features are very useful when you’re trying to organize large amounts of information in easy to navigate user friendly fashion.
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Plugin Review: Shortcode Ultimate

While writing my WordPress Plugin article, “Top WordPress Plugins: 2012 versus 2013” for the Clark College WordPress Class, I was exposed to the highest rated and most popular WordPress Plugins.

Some of these sparked my interest, and I wanted to try a few of them out.

Some led me to find ones that were not mentioned in the lists that I ended up liking better, and some sounded better than what they turned out to be. In the article, I included “Isobel’s Picks“, but the one I am choosing to review today is: Shortcode Ultimate WordPress Plugin.
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