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WordPress Plugins: Soliloquy Lite

The Soliloquy Lite Responsive Slider plugin allows you to create  sliders with both images and videos. The plugin is quick and super easy to use and showcases a code to put on any post or page.

Soliloquy's logo.

This is what your posts section looks before the Plugin was installed:

A screenshot of the add new post panel.After the plugin is activated, an Add Slider button will show up next to the Add Media button on the Posts and Pages sections.

A add slider button next to the add media button.

An example of the the Add New Soliloquy Slider is shown below.  In context area you can upload images and set the configurations of how you want your slider to look:

The new slider post area.

Once finished with setting up your slider, go to Add Post and click the Add Slider button choose the slider you just made and then publish it.

A sample slider post.

On the site, you should see something like the screenshot below:

A sample slider of Soliloquy Lite.

For More Information: