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Interview With Mojo Mustapha: A WordPress User

A picture of Mojo with bananasMojo Mustapha, the Community Director for Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community. He chooses WordPress for his professional website. Hedonisia.com is mostly a virtual tour of his community, built with informational pages and applications. While his business is located in Puna, Hawaii, his WordPress website can reached anywhere in the world.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mojo Mustapha. My choice of communicating with him was through emailing, as he is located in the jungle of Hawaii and me, in a classroom located in Vancouver, Washington.

Samantha Yuill: How and when did you initially find out about WordPress?

Mojo: A Tech Intern at Hedonisia Hawaii told us.

Samantha Yuill: Mojo provided me with a link to Tech Volunteers In Hawaii when he answered this question. I’m assuming that Leonardo is the Tech Intern that told him about WordPress.A screen shot of Hedonisia, Tech Volunteer webpage

Samantha Yuill: What was your first impression after using WordPress for the first time?

Mojo: I liked the fact that you can use it from any computer.

Samantha Yuill: I’d like to know what the WordPress Community is like in Hawaii, especially in your area. Are their meetups? Workshops? Classes?

Mojo: That’s why I have to go to Portland. There’s nothing in Big Island.

Samantha Yuill: Do you have experience with any other CMS? Why did you pick WordPress?

Mojo: Drupal was way too complicated. As a community that depends on Volunteers and Interns, we found many more had WordPress experience.

Samantha Yuill: How has WordPress helped build your Eco-Community in Hawaii?

Mojo: It allows me to create multiple user accounts so interns can also play a role in editing and updating the site.

Samantha Yuill: Are there any changes you would suggest to make WordPress more user friendly?

Mojo: Yes built in levels of Admin control based on security clearance. Right now when I give Interns Editor access they can’t do much unless I give the Admin status which then allows them access to everything. There should be more levels of clearance and control between Editor and Administrator when adding Users.

Samantha Yuill: Is there anything extra you would like to share about your experience using WordPress?

Mojo: I wish there was a better way to work offline with it. We live in Hawaii and when the internet is down we are unable to use the site. This is different from the old html days where we could still read our site offline.

Although Mojo and I didnt get to communicate in person or over the phone, I got the sense that most of his website Hedonisia.com is maintained by his interns. He travels off the Big Island to attend any workshops on WordPress. Maybe someday I will be able visit Hawaii and help Mojo with his WordPress site.