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WordPress 3.9.1: Update Released

Following the launch of WordPress 3.9 in April 2014, the WordPress 3.9.1 update in early May was a success, fixing over thirty bugs.

Andrew Nacin, A Lead WordPress Developer tweeted:

Some of these bug fixes include:

  • Appearance: When the header background was removed the header image would disappear.
  • Editor:The drag and drop feature for text quit working when the drag and drop media was implemented.
  • Widgets:When adding a widget by selecting “Custom Menu” widget, the widget wasn’t being added to the widget area of a site.
  • Media:There was a message, “No items found” that appeared after opening a post with a playlist. The list would appear after a few seconds and the message would go away.

WordPress 3.9 Released

The latest version of WordPress, WordPress 3.9, has been released. It is named in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith, continuing the tradition of naming major WordPress releases after jazz musicians.

WordPress 3.8 was released in December 2013, and this push to WordPress 3.9 is part of the new faster release schedule.

As of July 2013, Matt Mullenweg announced that WordPress now powers 18.9% of the web with more than 46 million downloads in ten years. WordPress is also being used by mobile users more than ever before according to a WordPress Community survey that found 31% were using it on their iOS devices, 30% on Android, and 18% on Android tablets. A survey by WP Engine on WordPress adoption and name recognition found 30% of those surveys on the Internet have heard of WordPress.

With so many people embracing WordPress and incorporating it into their lives and businesses as a content management and web publishing system, the improvements the development teams worked on for this new version reflect the growing reliance on WordPress across multiple user types and needs. Continue reading WordPress 3.9 Released