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Why is the P in WordPress Important?

There's a lowercase p in wordpress.Since the beginning of WordPress in 2003, the issue of the the capital P in the word “WordPress” has brought annoyance, confusion, and determined loyalty. Then a minor outrage happened in 2009 when Matt Mullenweg and the WordPress development team introduced a script into the core of WordPress 3.0 that forces a lowercase p to upper in the trademarked name, WordPress.

Some were against the move to add a filter to force a capitalized p in WordPress. Others were against it. Some against it created the Remove Word(p)ress to WordPress Filter Plugin to remove the filter action in WordPress.

Why lies behind the pros and cons of the filter in WordPress is more complicated than you may imagine. For some, the action felt like it was imposing a form of censorship, giving the popular publishing platform the power to change a single letter in one word could open the idea of controlling more words.

The other side of the issue is that most of the people in the WordPress Community are proud of WordPress and loyal to the mostly volunteer community that keeps WordPress going forward, and they take their spelling of the trademarked name, WordPress, seriously.

Let’s look at the issues one at a time. Continue reading Why is the P in WordPress Important?