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WPTarvern: How To Create A Dropdown Menu of WordPress Categories Without Using Code

On WPTarvern, Jeff Chandler talks about How To Create A Dropdown Menu of WordPress Categories Without Using Code. This is very helpful for people who do not prefer code.

He gives a step by step tutorial on how to make a dropdown menu without code.  It just a few steps you can learn how to, then do it to your own website.

Jeff Chandler writes that “By using this technique, I can modify which categories and what order they are displayed using the WordPress menu manager. I don’t have to worry about it disappearing via plugins or by switching themes. ” This can be super helpful for people who like to change their theme of their site a lot or for the people who are plugin happy. Changing a theme or adding a plugin will not make this disappear.

So now for everyone who wants to add a dropdown menu for all the categories you have on your site, you now can.

If you like what Jeff Chandler has to write, don’t hesitate to check out his other articles.

WordPress Pageviews Options

When navigating a website you need to know what it is that you are looking at, especially if you are trying to explain something to someone. These are pageviews and here are all the pageviews you need to know on WordPress.

Front Pageview

The front pageview  will be the first thing readers will see when stumbling on your site. Depending on what kind of a site you are running your front pageview could be static or promote your latest blog posts. It could also be featured posts, or your sticky notes.

Front Pageview Example

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