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ImageInject WordPress Plugin Updates

Previously known as WP inject, ImageInject is a dynamic free WordPress Plugin that allows you to insert images into your WordPress post very easily and quickly. You can by simply searching a huge and free database containing millions of photos with a couple of clicks and have an image added to your post.

The images in ImageInject are sourced from Pixabay and Flickr.  More sources to come in the future. When the images are imported the source information is automatically entered into your post for you. Continue reading ImageInject WordPress Plugin Updates

WordPress Plugin: Hello Darth

This is a simple little WordPress Plugin that will appeal to all you Star Wars fans out there. It is called Hello Darth and it displays a random quote from the Darth Vader IMDB page. If you are familiar with the popular Hello Dolly WordPress Plugin, then you will know what this little Plugin is all about.

Example of the Darth Vader WordPress Plugin.

This plugin is not going to serve you very well in a productive role, but it sure will provide a certain amount of entertainment during the drudgery of the dashboard.

In all honesty I was a little disappointed in this plugin, because most of the quotes are from Anakin Skywalker, NOT from when he was Darth. I think old Darth would have an issue with this. When told by Luke that he knew that Darth was really Anakin he said, “That name no longer has any meaning for me!”

There are enough really cool quotes from Darth as Darth, I like this WordPress Plugin but I think it could be better.

The Publisher Confirmation WordPress Plugin

Ever go a long your merry way writing a killer article. Your in the zone fingers cruising along the keyboard, you feel great your ready to tell the world. You hit publish but just as you do an overwhelming feeling of dread hits you like burlap sack full of 900 pound gorillas.

You forgot to proof read your post and now the damage has been done. People are reading it as you frantically try to cover your tracks before one more persons eyes can molest your post with snide comments.

Fortunately there is a plugin for that I learned about while reading an article on WP Tavern called “Prevent Publishing Mishaps In WordPress With The Publisher Confirmation Plugin.” The Publisher Confirmation WordPress Plugin was written by TristanH.

When you click the publish button a little alert box arises. And all it does is ask you “Are you SURE you want to publish this post”?

Alert Box for the Publisher Confirmation WordPress Plugin.

Plugin Review: WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes WordPress Plugin from Synved is a nice WordPress Plugin that allows you to style various elements within your WordPress site like: User Interface, Layouts, Lists and Boxes.

Shortcode Plugin Examples of features.

The User Interface feature allows you to create accordion menus. Tab menus various types of buttons and there is a links feature that allows you to easily create links within your site or to external sources. These features are very useful when you’re trying to organize large amounts of information in easy to navigate user friendly fashion.
Continue reading Plugin Review: WordPress Shortcodes