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Project Management Made Easy: Project Panorama WordPress Plugin

The Project Panorama WordPress Plugin is designed to enhance your project management experience. It is designed to be a highly visual way of communicating your project progression status and progress updates to your clients, team members, and managers. Issues such as lack of communication and poor decision making are now no longer an issue thanks to Project Panorama and its full coverage of project statistics and updates.

The Plugin is available as free in a limited version, and paid for more functionality. Its second release, (1.2.1) adds many new features to it’s already enhanced functionality and customization options. Continue reading Project Management Made Easy: Project Panorama WordPress Plugin

WordPress Can’t Kill Commercial Plugin Businesses

Much concern has been raised about the stance WordPress takes on integrating commercial WordPress Plugins into the core. Jeff Chandler of WPTavern attempts to answer this issue on behalf of the WordPress Community, saying no, and listing the specific reasons with support from within the development community of WordPress.

Hat Tip: WPTavern

WordPress Plugin: Hello Darth

This is a simple little WordPress Plugin that will appeal to all you Star Wars fans out there. It is called Hello Darth and it displays a random quote from the Darth Vader IMDB page. If you are familiar with the popular Hello Dolly WordPress Plugin, then you will know what this little Plugin is all about.

Example of the Darth Vader WordPress Plugin.

This plugin is not going to serve you very well in a productive role, but it sure will provide a certain amount of entertainment during the drudgery of the dashboard.

In all honesty I was a little disappointed in this plugin, because most of the quotes are from Anakin Skywalker, NOT from when he was Darth. I think old Darth would have an issue with this. When told by Luke that he knew that Darth was really Anakin he said, “That name no longer has any meaning for me!”

There are enough really cool quotes from Darth as Darth, I like this WordPress Plugin but I think it could be better.

Plugin Review: Testimonials by Aihrus

Many businesses want to be able to easily display their testimonials. After all, why wouldn’t you want to be able to show off the good things people have to say about you? The Testimonials by Aihrus Plugin allows you to do just that.

A sample testimonial created by the Testimonials PluginThe Testimonials Plugin works by creating a Widget displaying the testimonial(s) you select. This Plugin provides plenty of room for customization. You can use CSS to modify the appearance of the testimonial or you can add an image to an individual testimonial. This Plugin allows you to use one set testimonial or to have the Widget cycle through multiple testimonials. Continue reading Plugin Review: Testimonials by Aihrus

Jetpack WordPress Plugin Has Now Been Updated

Jet Pack is a great plugin that allows WordPress.org user’s to access many great features all in one Plugin. WordPress.com users already have all of the features of Jet Pack integrated into WordPress.com.  Jet Pack was released back in 2011, and it really was a special feature that many people were clamoring for!

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress described it as a:

, “dream of mine…to provide feature parity between WordPress.com and WordPress.org for everybody.”

He shared this with us in his post called Jet Pack to the WP.com Cloud.

And now Jet Pack has had a makeover!  There is a terrific improvement that has been made as well as a couple of great new feature that have been added to Jet Pack.   Continue reading Jetpack WordPress Plugin Has Now Been Updated

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

There are two ways to install a WordPress Plugin. You can install them automatically within WordPress, or you can do it manually. This tutorial will show you how to do both on the self-hosted version of WordPress.

Automatic Installation

Taking advantage of the one-click installation feature for WordPress Plugins in WordPress is a good option for those who are new to WordPress. There is no downloading and uploading of files. It’s really one-click.

In the Administration Panels, go to Plugins > Add New.

Screenshot of the menu to add a new WordPress Plugin

You will be brought to a new page that will contain a search bar. You can either enter in the name of the Plugin you wish to install or do a search by category. For example, if you want to install a Plugin for a calender, type “calender” in the search bar and you will get a list of all of the available Plugins that fit that category. Continue reading How to Install a WordPress Plugin

Plugin Review: WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes WordPress Plugin from Synved is a nice WordPress Plugin that allows you to style various elements within your WordPress site like: User Interface, Layouts, Lists and Boxes.

Shortcode Plugin Examples of features.

The User Interface feature allows you to create accordion menus. Tab menus various types of buttons and there is a links feature that allows you to easily create links within your site or to external sources. These features are very useful when you’re trying to organize large amounts of information in easy to navigate user friendly fashion.
Continue reading Plugin Review: WordPress Shortcodes