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WordPress Resources – Who’s Talking?

As WordPress users, we are often stuck looking for help outside of the WordPress owned forums and support options. Going to an outside source can help you gather an outside opinion, talk to advanced users and get guaranteed-honest feedback.

There are many sites all over the internet for this purpose, however, it is important to make sure the sites you are using are professional and have active users and moderators to get you the best answers fast with minimal or no spam. Continue reading WordPress Resources – Who’s Talking?

Interview with Kyle Hikalea, Web Developer and Optimizer

A picture of kyle hiklaea
Kyle Hikalea, Web Developer

As a student learning WordPress, it’s interesting to examine it from an academic viewpoint, but there are some perspectives that are only developed by working with it for a living.

For my assignment to interview someone who works with WordPress, I’m proud to be interviewing my son, Kyle Hikalea. He is a Website Developer and SEO Optimizer with Effective Web Solutions (EWS) in Camas, Washington. He has worked in the web industry for the last four years, since his late teens, first as a Web Designer with IEPlexus, then managing the website for Energy Tools International,and now with his current position at EWS. Continue reading Interview with Kyle Hikalea, Web Developer and Optimizer