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WordPress Support Handbook

If you want to teach new WordPress support volunteers on the various WordPress forums such as Installation, WP-Advanced or Multisite, how to troubleshoot the many issues they’re likely to encounter, there’s a new guide available appropriately titled Troubleshooting Handbook. Continue reading WordPress Support Handbook

Traversing the Forums : WordPress.org Support Forums and WordPress.com

To use the WordPress Forums you need some basic computer skills and a reasonable idea of what you are looking for. If you don’t, you may get stuck in a forum loop and just keep clicking things for hours till you don’t remember what you were doing….or you could break your computer out of frustration.

There are two different forums WordPress.org Support Forums and WordPress.com each with two main sections. The Forums list and a Tag Cloud of whats important at the moment. WordPress.com has a latest discussion as well as some important notices. Whereas, the Support forums only have the search and some helpful tips for getting started.  Let’s see if we can just dive on into this. Continue reading Traversing the Forums : WordPress.org Support Forums and WordPress.com