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What is WordPress MS?

WordPress Multisite (WordPress MS) is a special configuration built into the current version of WordPress that allows a self-hosted user to manage multiple WordPress sites on one network.

The multiple site version of WordPress is something to think about when an organization or person has several sites at once that run under one umbrella.

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Important Security Update for Syntax Highlighter Evolved WordPress Plugin

Syntax Highlighter Evolved Plugin 3.1.10 update is mandatory security update. The WordPress Plugin is used for sharing code and allowing users on sites to post code snippets for readers to read as code. If you are using this Plugin, it is important to update immediately.

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WPTarvern: How To Create A Dropdown Menu of WordPress Categories Without Using Code

On WPTarvern, Jeff Chandler talks about How To Create A Dropdown Menu of WordPress Categories Without Using Code. This is very helpful for people who do not prefer code.

He gives a step by step tutorial on how to make a dropdown menu without code.  It just a few steps you can learn how to, then do it to your own website.

Jeff Chandler writes that “By using this technique, I can modify which categories and what order they are displayed using the WordPress menu manager. I don’t have to worry about it disappearing via plugins or by switching themes. ” This can be super helpful for people who like to change their theme of their site a lot or for the people who are plugin happy. Changing a theme or adding a plugin will not make this disappear.

So now for everyone who wants to add a dropdown menu for all the categories you have on your site, you now can.

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Why You Should Clean Out Your WordPress

Sarah Gooding of WPTavern posted an article talking about why you should clean out your WordPress. She compares a cluttered WordPress directory to leaving clothes all over your floor. The two reasons for keeping it clean is security and ease of use.

Plugins are often on the forefront of WordPress housekeeping lists. This is probably due to the fact that on a normal WordPress site you’re usually running just one theme and then multiple, sometimes dozens, of plugins. Unused plugins in the mix make it inconvenient to scroll through the list and troubleshoot conflicts. They can also pose a security risk if they’re not updated.

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