WordPress Plugin: Theme-Check

The focus of this article is taking a look at the Theme-Check Plugin. According to its description:

The theme check Plugin is an easy way to test your theme and make sure it’s up to spec with the latest theme review standards. Picture of the Theme-Check Plugin install page.

After launching Instant WordPress without updating the themes, Theme-Check was installed. It was fairly easy to find once installed, as a “Theme-Check” option became available under the Appearances tab.Picture of a WordPress dashboard, with the Appearance tab selectedAfter launching Theme-Check, another description of it’s function appears, along with a list of available themes to inspect. Getting it to work work is as easy as selecting the theme and hitting the “Check It!” button.Picture of the Theme-Check about and launch page.

Once launched, Theme-Check provides in-depth information of the theme…

Theme-Check's Theme Info panel.… as well as a list of errors found within the theme, including recommended corrections.I picture of errors found using the Theme-Check Plugin.

Easy to use and understand, Theme-Check is a worthwhile Plugin for any web developer wanting to create their own theme, or anyone wanting to make sure their WordPress page passes theme review standards.

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