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WordPress Plugin: Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal WordPress Plugin that allows you to host Instagram API content on your blog. The plugin comes with many features and special effects that can be applied to your photo journals. This lends itself to a dynamic user/viewer experience.

Instagram Journal screenshot

Instagram Journal Plugin is not currently available on the WordPress Plugin Directory, so take care when using it. You can find more information at Envato Market at codecanyon.

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme

The choice is not as daunting as it might seem. The ability to keep in mind what the blog is trying to get across is paramount in selecting a theme. This is important, and can showcase the effectiveness of themes in regard to blog content, and layout.

The next thing to keep in mind is what the budget is for creating the blog because if you aren’t going with free then you will need to consider domain names and hosting costs.

Be mindful of the time it will take for research and development, as well as the cost. Many themes come with support or without support, and this should be considered when selecting a theme. When it comes to cost keep in mind the themes ability to be used again and again this will lend itself to versatility and functionality.

A very important decision to make for a blog is what it will look like. With WordPress there is a vast array of choices for the theme of a blog to take on.

Some things to consider when choosing a theme

  • Theme cost
  • Theme versatility
  • Theme supported/unsupported
  • Theme functionality
  • Theme layout
  • Theme effectiveness

These links have the information that this article was influenced by, and how I came to the conclusions about how to choose the right WordPress theme.

WordPress Word: Subversion

Subversion, often shortened to SVN, is a system that is widely used in the free software community to manage projects, and is also utilized by Google Code. Subversion was developed by the Apache Software Foundation.
How Apache Software Foundation defines “Subversion”.

Example: Subversion is used by VIPs along with a Git clone in order to have a better SVN-repository/Git interaction.

About The Word

The WordPress project uses Subversion for code version control. Most WordPress users will never want to use Subversion, because they will only install the released versions of WordPress. However, developers of plugins and themes may want to test their software against the latest development version of WordPress, and people interested in Contributing to WordPress by testing or fixing bugs will need to have access to the code that is under development. More on this can be found here.

For a more thorough understanding of how Subversion is used.

For More Information

Settings: No Ads upgrade

When purchased the No Ads upgrade gives a blog the ability to hide ads that would otherwise be displayed.

Using No Ads with the Custom Design upgrade gives the ability to keep the focus on the content of the blog without the distraction of unwanted ads.

By having No Ads activated means ads will not be shown on a blog. No Ads can be deactivated at anytime to allow ads to be visible. It’s as easy as that.

Turning No Ads on

Here’s how to activate and deactivate the No Ads upgrade.

Click the Settings option in the side menu this will expand the Settings menu to reveal a choice called AdControl.

no ads selection process1

Now click AdControl to be taken to the area where No Ads can be activated, and deactivated. If the No Ads upgrade is purchased then you will see the option to activate the No Ads upgrade.

If the upgrade for No Ads hasn’t been purchased then the ability to purchase it will be given by way of a link called No Ads that appears in a paragraph at the top of the page after clicking on AdControl in the Settings sub menu pictured below.

no ads selection process2

It couldn’t be easier!

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