Interview: April Sunset, Fuseology Creative

Fuseology Creative is a small local company who specializes in creating an all encompassing brand identity for their clientele, they really do it all! You need a logo for a new website, or perhaps you want to learn how to work with the back end of your own website. The staff at Fuseology Creative are there to make your business a success any way you want it! You may be wondering, what makes them so special, there are tons of companies out there that make the same claims? The team answers:

They rave about and crave our special sauce.

– April Sunset, Fuseology Creative

The creative geniuses at Fusology have a perfect balance of left and right brain thinkers. Its not one sided, and they believe with this balance they can create the perfect fusion of what you need for your company. They believe in a formula to help create the perfect brand identity:

Analysis + Branding + Communication =  Reaction 

April Sunset- April is the right brain thinker, she does all the creative business for Fuseology. You can’t group April’s talents in a box, she truly is a jack-of-all-trades. She can design your logo, write you a tagline, and come up with a name for you company without even batting an eyelash.

Michael Paul- Michael is the left brain thinker of the company! He works on the development of the sites, and trains the clientele how to use the back end of their sites, if they so desire. April lovingly refers to everything he says as bee bop boop language. He is fantastic when it comes to SEO/SEM, and a WordPress powerhouse.

April sat down and answered a few questions about how their company revolves with  WordPress.

Q. When designing a site, are you more likely to work with, or 

A: I honestly haven’t used to design a site since the 80’s. If you want to be a web developer is the only way to go! Here we use exclusively, is not an option. You loose all of your flexibility and functionality with .com. Hosting is cheap, there is never a reason not to use .org.  You gain more options, and get a site that works for you!

Q: If you use how do you handle hosting? 

A: For us, 90% of our clients come in with a live site, and are already paying for site hosting. We just smooth over what they have (fix the site they currently have) or use the domain the they are already using. We use a web hosting site called for clients that don’t already pay for web hosting. We were using GoDaddy for awhile, but found that it had a problem with security, so we switched.

Q: What are some questions you ask when starting with a new client on a WordPress website? 

A: We have to know what the objective of there site is in order to build them a site that will suit there needs. Often, they don’t know what it is they need, and we have to give them a push in the right direction based on the information that we collect from them. Knowing who there target market is, is essential! We need to know who we are designing and writing content for. Then of course we talk about branding and how that will play a role on their site, as well as build constancy through-out there company.

Q: Describe your creative process when working with WordPress. Do you tend to work with the design aspects first, and write content for it later? 

A: Typically, I design a site with the design aspects in mind first. You have to have someplace to put your content. When I design, I bare in mind that people don’t read. So I want them to take as much information away even if they haven’t read the site. I also keep in mind that I have to design space for the content depending on the clients needs.

Example: I had a women from San Francisco who ran a business transporting elderly people to and from appointments, to grocery stores, or to do errands. She wanted a site designed, but her target audience was either the elderly people themselves, or another family member needing extra help. So when I designed the site I made sure to leave extra room for larger content for elderly people. I feel, if there is no infrastructure in place,

Q: How do you go about choosing a theme for a client? Are they part of the decision? What are some of the main considerations you and the client talk about? 

A: In general, they aren’t part of the discussion when it comes to themes. We decided because  what we’ve found that they don’t really have the best idea of what’s going to benefit them the most. We choose something that is easy for them to use, based on there level of computer skills. Of course we also take into accountability what theme will work best, but the second tier of the decision is based on how comfortable they are with the site.

Q: Do you follow any industry sites or blogs related to WordPress? 

A: No not really, everyone kind of talks about WordPress at different events or what not. We are always looking for different code online. I guess we frequently go to Mashable Search Engine Watch, but other than that we just look through template blogs to see if there are any good comments on templates.

Q: How do you keep up with the latest features on when they change it so often? 

A: Michael is always updating WordPress! We generally know when and update is about to hit because a theme will start acting buggy. Of course we always make sure that we update for WordPress itself as well. We rarely have any issues with it, once in a while something will break, but not often.

Q: You talked about networking with a fellow designer who did custom HTML sites, and he wanted to send you people who only are interested in WordPress sites. Do you feel that more people are gravitating towards WordPress sites rather than custom HTML? If so why? 

A: There is certainly a market for both. Small business tend to go with WordPress because they don’t want to be at the mercy of the developer to make changes for them. Larger companies tend to use custom HTML so they can stand out above the competition.

The way this team is utilizing WordPress is gaining them a lot of popularity, and growing their company everyday.  I wanted to take the time to thank both Michael and April for taking the time to listen, and answer my questions. It really gives us an insight into the every changing world of web development with WordPress!

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