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I am a painter and mixed media artist. I am working on earning my fine arts degree, majoring in graphic and web based design. I very much enjoy the creative process and I often bring a unique viewpoint. I have recently been using acrylic paints, but I have experience using graphite and charcoal mediums. I often use photography for my work so I have become fairly competent with a camera and I use sketching frequently to help me conceptualize my work in the small scale. My largest work to date is a 48" by 54" acrylic painting and I have developed a fondness for large scale works. They tend to feel more cohesive then smaller works. I am have retired from the US Army, and I enjoy my new path in life as an artist. I love to meeting interesting new people and find collaborating on projects a worth while enterprise.

WordPress Video Shortcodes

The WordPress Codex article on shortcodes refers to them as macros. WordPress Shortcodes are the function inside the WordPress core that allows for adding video, audio, images as well as other fun features like Twitter Timelines and Google Maps without code in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and other web programming languages. In addition to the shortcodes mentioned in the Codex article, WordPress Support has a complete list of available shortcodes for sites.
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Automattic Acquires Scroll Kit

Automattic, is adding to the WordPress production team by folding in Scroll Kit’s founders Cody Brown and Kate Ray. Scroll Kit is an app that allows for the customizing of web pages with out having to write lines of code. Included in the announcement is a schedule that outlines the ongoing functionality of the app, as the Scroll Kit teams merges with Automattic.

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