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I am a RN and wife of 18 years. I am a mother of three, two biological and one adopted. My passion has always been children, but my deepest passion is healing childhood trauma. I love to help children who are emotionally disturbed help move from victim to survivor and damaged to healed.

Jennette Quigley Gives Us Her Thoughts On WordPress

I talked with Jennette Quigley, Clark College’s WordPress CTEC 160 assistant instructor and WordPress web designer about her involvement in the WordPress community.the only image of jennette that exists

Michelle: How long have you been using WordPress?

Jennette: Since 2010, but I took my first HTML class in 1999 and redesigned my first website in 2001 at a radio station where I used to work.
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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

This is a photo of a young adult male sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen who is mentally challenged but showing his skills.

ADA compliance is needed to help keep the website accessible to all.  As discussed in Americans Disability Act rising against website accessibility,  the law is leaning towards the disabled winning million dollar lawsuits for websites that are inaccessible to the disabled.
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American Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuits rising against website accessibility

This is a photo of a wooden gavel hitting the wooden plate with a white background.

The amount of lawsuits being brought against an Internet website for the lack of accommodations for the disabled is growing. It has now been termed Cyber Accessibility Claims in the courts, and the cost of litigation has been grossly under appreciated.

The Target Corporation paid out 6 million dollars for a lack of website accessibility in a class action lawsuit representing the visually impaired. There isn’t a clear law for internet website accessibility due to the fact that the technology continues to grow at a rate that the law cannot keep up with year after year. However, even without clear website law, there is still ADA compliance that needs to be met or your website could be at risk for a lawsuit. Continue reading American Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuits rising against website accessibility

Poetry Publishing on WordPress

Poetry is an amazing way for a writer to express himself/herself.  There is an internal need for a poet to form both the words on the page and to add the complex formatting.  Writers feel the format of the poem brings just as much meaning to the words as the words themselves.  So it is imperative that both can be accomplished on a post.
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