Interview with Danielle Baldwin: Social Media/Content Strategist, WordPress Developer

L.Danielle Baldwin

This is L. Danielle Baldwin. She is a Social Media/Content Strategist, WordPress Developer and The Founder of the very first WordCamp RDU in 2009.

Why did you start using WordPress?

I started using WordPress back in the day when it was called b2 cafelog around 2002. From there I have just followed the application and was able to watch it morph into what WordPress has become today. I started using it initially as a blogging tool but very soon after I got the hang of it, I started using it to create blogs for other people.

Website Whole Lotta Yadda by L. Danielle Baldwin - screenshot. Continue reading Interview with Danielle Baldwin: Social Media/Content Strategist, WordPress Developer

WordPress News: Automattic Buys Scroll Kit for Storytellers

According to Venture Beat, Automattic purchased Scroll Kit, a visual online editor for storytelling. According to Scoll Kit, “Our objective was to create a process for making the web that was more like drawing on a piece of paper.”

Scroll Kit is a drag and drop, multimedia content app that allows creation of visual stories online in a scrolling format. Scroll Kit arranges elements in layers so that objects can be placed on top of other objects

An example of how Scroll Kit works can be seen from on a feature story called “Brooklyn Took It” and the New York Times Snow Fall.

Information and tutorials on how to use Scroll Kit may be found from Mariam Posner and in the Pharrell interview on Complex.

Interview with Daniel Payne

A Photo of Daniel PayneDaniel Payne of Tualatin Web has been developing commercial web sites since 1995 and programming since 1975. So it made sense to me to get some key insights from someone who has been in the business for a number of years.

Q: What made you decide to become a member of the WordPress community and to become involved in organizing the PDX WordPress meetups?

A: I first heard about WordPress in 2008, after I had already created and sold my own content management system, it become clear that the team at Automattic had a much superior product so I decided to focus on customizing WordPress for business users. Later on I signed up at and then discovered the Portland WordPress Meetup group. After attending a few meetings I started to get more involved, and eventually became an organizer. I wanted to give something back to the WordPress community, and also at the same time raise awareness for my own web development company, Tualatin Web.

Q: How long have you been working with WordPress?

A: My first WordPress install was in 2008. I started coding web sites in 1995, and computer coding in 1975.

Q: What made you choose to use WordPress‘s CMS over other methods of content management systems?

A: I also looked at Joomla, Drupal, Concrete, Wix, etc. It seems like every month we have yet another CMS. WordPress was the most intuitive CMS to learn, use, and develop for. WordPress is also the #1 CMS in the world, so it makes most business sense to specialize on the leading tool. Continue reading Interview with Daniel Payne

Interview with Barbara Rozgonyi

Barbara RozgonyiBarbara Rozgonyi leads CoryWest Media, a strategic marketing consultancy that attracts attention, builds brands, and connects communities in three dimensions: digitally, directly and dynamically via the wiredPRworks system.

An MPI Chicago member since April 2013, Barbara serves on the MarComm committee and was nominated for the chapter’s 2013-14 “Tomorrow’s Leader Award.”

A recognized social media industry thought leader, Barbara founded Social Media Club Chicago, a leading global chapter, in October 2008. In 2013, Nokia selected Barbara as one of two U.S. reporters to cover Social Media Week Berlin.

Barbara is a frequent keynote speaker, an accomplished corporate trainer, and an experienced educator who develops marketing and communications programs for events, colleges, associations, corporations and online communities. In 2013, Barbara created her first online course for college students called “Get Linked Into College Success and Beyond.”

Barbara’s media mentions include Crain’s Chicago Business,, American Express OpenForum,, HuffingtonPost, WDCB, WIND,,,, Mashable, Germanys FAZ, Chicago Tribune, and NBC5.

As publisher of, launched in June 2006, Barbara’s work is often a catalyst for innovative and creative marketers. She is redefining PR as Personality + Reputation.

An author, Barbara contributed the LinkedIn chapter to the best-seller, “Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars.” In 2015, Barbara will be featured as the PR expert in a new book written by the world’s leading online marketing superstars. To tap into WIRED PR marketing ideas and resources, visit Barbara’s top 50 marketing and PR blog, wiredPRworks.

When did you start using WordPress?

I started using WordPress for my business in June 2006, two years after I started teaching blogging for business. It took me two years to get up the courage to publish my first post. In my classes, I used a demo WordPress site with pictures of my cat sleeping in a pile of Beanie Babies. In July 2007, I switched from the platform to, a self-hosted blog. Continue reading Interview with Barbara Rozgonyi

Interview with Duane Baumgartner: City Ranked Media Founder

duane_city ranked mediaI recently seized the opportunity to interview Duane Baumgartner of City Ranked Media, Vancouver, WA. Duane is a Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing expert and founder of City Ranked Media. He has 15+ years experience assisting small business owners in obtaining positive results with their internet advertising. He is a dedicated student of the SEO world and Google AdWords certified. Duane was raised in Oregon and is a resident of Vancouver, WA today. His passion is being directly involved in seeing his clients grow their business through the services City Ranked Media provides and takes pride in providing innovative, out of the box ideas to build and grow on.

Adam: Tell us how City Ranked Media got it’s wings.

Duane: I remember running across an article that projected business owners in the next year were going to spend 40% more in Search Engine Optimization services than the previous year. At the time I had been working for a large advertising company selling print and some internet based products, including PPC campaigns. I had become proficient on the internet side and believed that was where I could make the largest impact in helping small businesses and decided to go out on my own and start City Ranked Media. I began using drag and drop editors and was really in the dark trying to make my way through it. I came to the realization that this wasn’t going to fly and I had to find a long term solution. Continue reading Interview with Duane Baumgartner: City Ranked Media Founder

WordPress Plugin: Akismet

Akismet WordPress Plugin come with every WordPress installation, including sites. Users must activate it on their self-hosted WordPress installation. The Akismet WordPress Plugin takes care of spam within comments and pingbacks. The owner is able to review all incoming comments and pingbacks that were filtered by Akismet in case of accidental spam categorization. Akismet also has a discard feature which automatically blocks out the worst spam, which speeds up the site and saves disk place. Akismet will discard trackbacks, pingbacks and new comments after 30 of being in the spam queues.

The Akismet filtering service learns from previous interactions, from the site the author is on and from other sites. When enough sites start calling things spam the Akismet Plugin learns from the algorithm and puts the same types of comments and pingbacks into the spam categories.

Akismet Comment Spam - Comment Panel.

Akimset allows one to spend more time on important messages instead of wasting hours upon hours going through spam. Estimates range, but some say 15 out of ever 1000 comments are legitimate. Akismet tries catching the spam before it hits the comment panel on WordPress and many other web publishing platforms including forums.

For being an semi-automated system that is user influenced, the WordPress Plugin can only be so precise on what is spam and what is not, yet few come closer. If there is a comment that the majority of people mark as spam then Akismet will recognize it as spam and delete it. For a person to know if their comment has been detected as spam the awaiting moderation notice will not show like it does normally.

Akismet WordPress Plugin is free as long as it is used for personal use and non-commercial sites and includes standard customer support.  Business sites, commercial and professional sites, are five dollars per month. The user will get one commercial site with priority customer support when needed. The last level of Akismet is called Enterprise, this is meant for people who are pulsing networks, hosting, universities and even agencies, for fifty dollars a month.  

More Information

Interview Cody Murphy: Marketing Maverick on WordPress

Cody MurphyCody Murphy is the young entrepreneur and founder of Stearns 208 Marketing located in Saint Cloud, Minnesota and provides businesses with online marketing solutions.

Why did you choose WordPress?

WordPress has become our “go-to” content management system because it’s regularly updated and has become a polished, versatile system. We’ve been able to customize WordPress for small business websites to larger, complex websites like a social network thanks to a popular plugin called BuddyPress. The software’s back end simplicity makes it attractive for our clientele who, for the most part, are not tech savvy.

stearns mkt_site

Interview with Cody Murphy

Who updates your WordPress site?

We update our WordPress website internally; I’m primarily in charge of that task. For our client’s websites, we use a very handy piece of software called InfiniteWP – each WordPress website has a client plugin installed (InfiniteWP Client) and from the main system we can update every website, etc. from one area instead of going into WordPress install for updates.

What does WordPress do better than anyone else?

I would say transparency. Given that it’s open source software, everything is well… open. Beta versions, discussions with developers, etc. are all easily accessible and anyone can contribute to the platform if they’d like. Transparency, in my opinion, is what has enabled WordPress to become the widely-used system it is today.

What features would you like to see added to WordPress?

That’s a tough question. WordPress has become polished and mature over the past couple of years. I would, however, like to see the member management features expanded some so user profile fields, roles, etc. could be changed without the need of a plugin. Another feature(?) I’d like to see is to be able to flush the WordPress database. It would be handy to ensure old/uninstalled plugins are properly removed, etc.

Do you have any favorite Widgets?

Another tough question! This made me think a bit. I feel that widgets are commonly forgotten but provide some handy functionality to a WordPress website.
stearns portfolio

While you may consider them boring, I think my favorite widgets are the “Text” and “Recent Posts,” both included by default. The text widget comes in useful for displaying a promotional type of graphic in a sidebar (quick and easy to edit/change instead of going into the template files).

The “Recent Posts” widget is nice as it helps integrate a blog with the rest of a website (if the blog isn’t the primary focus) and also helps “fill in” a sidebar.

WordPress has become our “go-to” content management system because it’s regularly updated and has become a polished, versatile system. We’ve been able to customize WordPress for small business websites to larger, complex websites …Cody Murphy

Explore more about Stearns 208 Marketing

Interview: April Sunset, Fuseology Creative

Fuseology Creative is a small local company who specializes in creating an all encompassing brand identity for their clientele, they really do it all! You need a logo for a new website, or perhaps you want to learn how to work with the back end of your own website. The staff at Fuseology Creative are there to make your business a success any way you want it! You may be wondering, what makes them so special, there are tons of companies out there that make the same claims? The team answers: Continue reading Interview: April Sunset, Fuseology Creative

WordPress Plugin: Formula 1 Racing

The F1 widget is for serious race enthusiasts. It’s a countdown clock that shows time left until the next Formula 1 competition race. It updates automatically for the next race. You can use the F1 real time countdown widget on your site, phone, blog or other online platform. Always be prepared for the next race. Keep this one on your computer desktop or blog/webpage too.

Here is the widget

screen shot of the widget

Add Plugin

Start by going to your WordPress backend and select “Plugins.” Search for “One Widget Countdown.” Select “Install Now.”

screen shot of the plugin backend

Install Plugin

From “Appearance” select “Widgets” and then drag the “Formula 1 Countdown Widget” into the sidebar or other widget area based on your theme.

screen shot of the plugin backend

Configure Plugin

In the sidebar you can then configure the widget to display as narrow or wide, choose the language (default is English), and then choose F1 cars or MotoGP motorcycles.

sidebar configuration of the  plugin


sidebar configuration of the  plugin language


sidebar display of the widget configuration page


sidebar display of the widget configuration page


In addition to adding a widget in WordPress, you can copy code provided on their website and add flash to other non-WordPress sites.

flash code used to generate  widget data on non-wordpress websites

The Formula 1 Widget is very easy to install. Whether you use a widget in WordPress or just copy the code and insert it into your site or blog wherever you want, you can keep a close watch on the countdown to the next big race. That is all, enjoy!


How Does WordPress Make Money?

Automattic Companies and Businesses logos.

Who owns WordPress and controls the copyright and profit?

Simply put, WordPress states in its license that WordPress is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and that it is that it is owned by the contributors. This means anyone, including companies, third-party programmers or foundations that provide funding own WordPress. As a result, the single copyright of WordPress is held by thousands of individuals, all represented by the WordPress Foundation, the trust established to further the mission of the open source project called WordPress. Continue reading How Does WordPress Make Money?

WordPress Plugins: Creative Commons Configurator

There is a WordPress Plugin available to put copyright information on your posts and pages automatically. It is called Creative Commons Configurator. Once you download and activate the Plugin you just do a few steps to set it up and then it will put a creative commons license on your posts/pages for you.

The page for setting it up is displayed below. It is very simple to do once you activate the Plugin. You decide whether you wish to share your post freely or not. There is the option about sharing the license internationally or more locally in a drop down menu. Once you have made those selections you use the license button.

Creative Commons Selections

At this point you can see that you are actually deciding to choose a license that will be attached to your post. It asks you whether you want to proceed. Continue reading WordPress Plugins: Creative Commons Configurator

How to Manage Comments

Managing comments plays an integral role in WordPress. It’s necessary to maintain comments to keep your site free of spam and ensure that all user’s comments are appropriate.

There are some situations where you might want to edit comments in bulk, edit the content of a comment, make comments as spam, and even enable or disable comments altogether.

This tutorial will highlight the basics of comment management so you can be in control of your site’s comments. Continue reading How to Manage Comments

Interview with Bob Dunn, WordPress Trainer

BobWpBob Dunn is a WordPress teacher and trainer based out of Seattle, WA. His primary teaching methods are through his website offering hourly training, Wordcamps, and the newly founded WooCommerce Conference.  He also spends a majority of his time giving back to the community by offering free workshops in the Puget Sound area.

He dedicated his time to answer the following questions via email about WordPress.

Screenshot of website for Bob Dunn WordPress Trainer. Continue reading Interview with Bob Dunn, WordPress Trainer

Interview with Chief Steve Moody

Steve MoodyChief Steve Moody is a Fire Fighter with a passion for sharing his experiences in WordPress. He has been a Chief Fire Fighter in Eldorado, Kansas for one year now after moving from another district for several years. He has been a Chief Fire Fighter for 16 years, 36 years as a fire fighter but is trained in EMT too. He has a personal site called Chief Steven D. Moody.

Chief Steve Moody

I happen to have chosen him to interview since I have worked with fire fighters for several years and couldn’t see them having the time to write down their stories but I sure did want to know them. So I was eager to interview Steve. Steve was humble. He said his son would probably be more interesting to interview about WordPress since his son got him started. But he was wrong. Continue reading Interview with Chief Steve Moody

WordPress Resources – Who’s Talking?

As WordPress users, we are often stuck looking for help outside of the WordPress owned forums and support options. Going to an outside source can help you gather an outside opinion, talk to advanced users and get guaranteed-honest feedback.

There are many sites all over the internet for this purpose, however, it is important to make sure the sites you are using are professional and have active users and moderators to get you the best answers fast with minimal or no spam. Continue reading WordPress Resources – Who’s Talking?

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