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Hello. I have my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance as well as two Yoga Teacher Certifications. I have been teaching yoga and the movement arts for ten years. As a wife, student, employee and a mother of an active toddler with another baby on the way, I am inspired by stress-reduced ways of living. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you.

Useful Plugin for Easy Display of Before and After Images in WordPress

Display before and after images easily using the TwentyTwenty Plugin. This is useful and valuable for providing visuals for website redesigns, home improvement renovations, weight-loss successes or comparing counterfeit merchandise to real merchandise. There are many other creative ideas that this Plugin could be used. A guide to using the TwentyTwenty Plugin for WordPress is available on WPTavern.

Hat Tip: WPTavern

The Importance Of Building Trust With Your Readers In Your Blogs

Blogging is a dynamic and rapid way to share your opinion or expertise on a subject,  as well as a powerful way to build your business. According to The West Program, “Blogging Statistics,” 77% of internet users read blogs and, according to BlogHer:

81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs.

In the article Top Blogging Statistics: 45 Reasons to Blog, they clarify the value and impressive statistics about the true power of blogging and the potential it holds for building lasting positive relationships with visitors.

The article explains that visitors may be reading the information presented in blogs, but whether an ongoing positive relationship is created with that visitor is another matter. Because people are often manipulated and led astray by information, they have become increasingly skeptical about information presented in all forms of media.

It is important that we realize our first impressions leave lasting impressions on readers as well as potential clients. It is true that trust is built, and when it is lost, it is incredibly difficult to regain. Continue reading The Importance Of Building Trust With Your Readers In Your Blogs