How To Create A UseFul Contact Page

Contact pages are sometimes the last thing website owners pay attention to. Interesting – considering that contact pages are where site visitors, i.e. potential partners and clients, go to get in touch with you.

Creating your own website has become easier over time, which gives you additional time to pay closer attention to details and communicate more effectively with your contact page.

robert fukioka contact page

Your might consider your contact page including 3 simple, but important elements:

1. Project credibility to your visitors and provide a simple, clear message that you have earned their interest that should lead to a connection.

2. Turn initial interest from potential clients’ into actual communication with you. Make it as easy as possible for a connection by offering a diverse array of options for you to be reached.

3. If your website has a creative element to it, remember to include the branding you have on your contact page, as well, even if it is small.

This list may assist you in providing more effective conversion results. There is not a “one design fits all.” You should know your audience well enough to be selective and “speak to them.”

Contact Page Tips

  • Personal Touch: Reward your visitors for browsing to your contact page. Show them you care by adding a brief and inviting message or an appropriate branding image. These can help create a sense of familiarity and instant rapport between you and your potential clients.
  • Contact Form: Giving your audience the option to contact you directly from your site is a must. Some people find it the easiest, fastest and most accessible form of communication. Make sure you research the best contact form options, based on your needs.
  • Physical Address: A physical address shows clients that you are rooted in the “offline” world and helps you build credibility. If you don’t have an offline office, consider using a virtual office or renting a mailbox. This is a key factor in optimization as well.
  • Telephone Number: Choose a prominent location for your phone number and use a larger font to increase awareness. It is key that this prominence transfers to mobile devices, where visitors expect to call you directly by clicking a button.
  • Fax Number: Contrary to 2014 logic, fax machines are still alive and some visitors prefer them to scanning, emailing or Dropbox-like services. Remember, a diverse array of options provides more opportunity.
  • Social Media Links: Many people today consider Facebook and other social platforms as their second home. Prepare to greet them by connecting your social media channels to your website.
  • Skype: You can add a Skype call or chat button directly to your website. This is a good option for businesses who have international clients or don’t have a toll-free number.

Do not feature an email address on the Contact page or convert an email address into a mailto link. First, copying and pasting the email into their email program is work. Second, clicking an email link forces the default software for managing email on the computer to initiate, and too many people are now using web-based email, not the program that came with the computer. This upsets people as they may think that your site is installing harmful programs or that something is broken and wrong – not a good first impression.

The contact form goes straight to your email inbox, so why bother. When you respond they will have your email address. This protects your email from email harvesters and puts the focus on all of the many ways people can contact you easily.

Check Out A Couple Excellent Examples


Fior de LatteSWEET BASIL>>

Sweet Basil Vail

There you have it! Best of luck in providing the most useful and effective means for your clients, potential customers and visitors to begin a lasting relationship with you.

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