This is the staff page where assignments for tasks on this site will be listed.

The following are the key roles and responsibilities for the site. The assigned students may change throughout the course, taking turns with various responsibilities.


The editor oversees the site’s content, ensuring consistency in subject matter and overall tone. The editor corrects mistakes and ensures the content is properly allocated into appropriate categories and tags. The editor may hand out assignments and tasks to the other roles as they maintain the editorial calendar And task lists. Often called “cat herders,” it is the responsibility of the editor to manage the contributors and their editorial team, and see to the delegation of tasks and their completion.

Skills: Management, organization, editing, delegation, interpersonal, and writing skills, and the ability to meet deadlines.


Contributors write and publish the posts on this site per the editor’s request or class assignment. Contributors must comply with the Contributor guidelines. Stories may be published in written, video, or audio formats. During each quarter, students will be asked to interview WordPress experts, fellow students, and faculty about WordPress and web publishing related topics.

Skills: Writing, editing, research, fact-checking, ability to meet deadlines, and work in a team. Video, photography, and graphic skills may be necessary.

Proofers and Checkers

The proofers and checkers will work with the editor to ensure the content is well-written and accurate, reflecting the quality controls set in place in the class and by the editorial team. They will either correct posts (per authorization by the author and editor) or report errors in person, email, or in the comments to the editor or author.

Skills: Reading, writing, editing, fact-checking, research, and ability to work well with others and give honest and sincere critiques.

Graphic Artists

Throughout the class there will be opportunities for graphics to be added to the site on a per post or project basis, or within the site’s design. The skills required for this position are familiarity with creating web graphics, illustration, graphic design, and photography. Photographs of class activities may be collected for articles on this site. Graphic Artists may also be called upon to seek out images complementary to the content, using royalty free, public domain images to help the contributors.

Skills: Multimedia skills including video, audio, and photography are necessary. Graphic arts and illustration skills and experience highly recommended.

WordPress News Reporters

WordPress News Reporter(s) will track news from within the WordPress Community for announcements, changes, and new articles on WordPress.

Skills: Ability to meet deadlines, write, research, fact-check, and report on current events. Some familiarity with the WordPress Community sources and resources recommended but not required.

Comments Moderators

Comment moderators are responsible for monitoring comments, marking comments as spam, approving comments, and responding to comments as necessary.

Skills: Familiarity will comment management in WordPress. Access to mobile/smartphone and WordPress mobile app appreciated.

Social Media

If the class chooses, those interested in exploring the social media aspect of blogging, web publishing, and WordPress will help use social media to promote the site’s activities and authors.

Skills: Social media networking, publishing, and interactivity required. Must be registered and familiar with the most popular and appropriate social media networks, and willing to promote site activities on their channel as well an the ClarkWP channels.


From time to time other skills may be required to staff the ClarkWP Class Site. These positions will be delegated by the editorial team and instructor as necessary.

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