WordPress Words: WordPress WordCamp

WordCamp: WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

From WordCamp Central

About WordPress WordCamps

WordCamps are the resident WordPress convention.  They are held in cities all over the world, and are typically a day or two in length.  WordCamps are known for being relatively cheap– $40 for a two day event on everything WordPress.

WordCamps are known for promoting connections between WordPress users, putting faces to names of the blogs you see online.

You can check the WordCamp website or follow them on Twitter for updates on dates and locations of WordCamps. Look out for ones near you!

WP News: WordPress 4.1, Blogging 201, and LoopConf

The Clark College WordPress class students review WordPress news around the world to bring you the latest news and WordPress resources during the academic year.

WordPress Development

WordPress Core Weekly: A summary of all the updates made to WordPress in the last week. Formerly known as Last Week In WordPress Core.

Scaleable Dropdowns: A timeline has been put into place to get wp_dropdown_users() (#19867) and wp_dropdown_pages() (#9864)  into a state suitable for patch review.

WordPress News

WordPress 4.1 - This Week in WordPress Core Weekly, updated jQuery UI to 1.11.1, updated the 4.1 back end to add missing labels to category filter dropdowns, and began importing the new default theme for the next year, aptly named Twenty Fifteen.

The Return of Weekly Bug Scrubs – With the upcoming update to WordPress 4.1, there are plenty of bugs to be fixed! Bug Scrubs allow for a sort of triage, and get through a bunch of tickets in a short amount of time. Meet ups are Fridays at 11AM EST in the #wordpress-dev IRC channel.

WordPress.com News

Blogging 201: Branding and Growth – WordPress will be adding another two-week course, starting Monday, October 20th. The course focuses on growing your audience, and will provide a daily task and resources necessary to complete it. There are no prereqs for the course, but Blogging 101: Zero to Hero will also be returning in November,

Engaged, Inspired, and Ready to Build a Better Web – Automattic had their yearly meetup this year in Park City, Utah. 277 Automatticians were in attendance at the event, called the Grand Meetup, for seven days this past September. The focus of the event is to make new connections and work on making WordPress a better tool for everyone.

WordPress Events

Las Vegas: LoopConf is a WordPress developer conference, that is going to be held for the first time at The Westin Lake, Las Vegas, from May 7-8th, 2015. Tickets will be available soon on their website.

Vancouver, WA – Due to the success of the last WordPress Social Meetup, another will be held October 19th, from 4-7PM. The meetup will be held at the Parkway Plaza Building in Vancouver’s East Side.

WordPress Videos and Tutorials

The following are tutorials and videos offering helpful information on using WordPress.

Publish an eBook From Your WordPress Site – A step-by-step guide for turning your WordPress blog into an actual eBook.

A Beginner’s Guide to Moderating Comments – Getting any comments on your site yet? Having to deal with any spam or bot comments? This is the guide for you!

Password Protecting Posts - Have any posts you’d like to keep private, or only available to certain people? You can learn how to set a password for your posts in this guide.

WordPress Words: JavaScript

JavaScript is a website programming language used by web developers. It is a script language that is embedded into HTML code. JavaScript is primarily used to customize and modify the interactive contents of a web page.

About JavaScript

JavaScript is crucial for web developers if they want to add functionality or dynamism to their site. With the use of variables, JavaScript enables users to have a unique experience that gives the term “Think outside the box” it’s meaning. JavaScript can also be used to create user intractability capabilities on mobile devices. Some interactivity examples include, slide shows, sign-in boxes, and auto-loading feeds.

How to use JavaScript

JavaScript is a fairly easy to learn programming language that is similar to C in syntax. Just like HTML and CSS, JavaScript uses functions and parameters. Here’s an example of JavaScript code.

Here’s and example of JavaScript code.

Here’s a quick tutorial for getting started with JavaScript: JavaScript Tutorial 1 – Getting Started – Hello World

More Info


WordPress Words: Automattic

Everyone knows that WordPress is a free and open source content management system, but did you know that WordPress is owned by a little ol’ company named Automattic? Automattic was founded by Matt Mullenweg in 2005. Automattic is derived from the founder’s first name. The company has over 250 employees and like their site states:

We are passionate about making the web a better place.

Not only is Automattic known for creating WordPress, but the company has other known projects like Longreads, which is a site that helps people find and share the best storytelling in the world. It is also responsible for creating the Gravatar or Globally Recognized Avatar.
Here is a video with the founder of Automattic:

If it wasn’t for Automattic, there probably wouldn’t be WordPress where we could all share and write for the world to see, regardless if you’re a small blog, or a major website.

What Is The Press This Button?

WordPress has many cool features, and one of them is called the Press This button.  What it essentially does is allows you to quickly grab text, pictures and videos from any site and post it on your blog; all this without every having to actually be on WordPress.

In order to be able to use this little app, you first go to your Tools under your Dashboard sidebar, and you’ll be on the screen where the Press This button is located.

Press This Button


You can then drag and drop this button to your browser’s bookmark bar as pictured above.  Now whenever you want to share something from the web to your WordPress, all you have to do is click on the Press This tab on your bookmark’s bar and you’ll be greeted to a window that will have all the content ready for you right before you want to publish it to your WordPress.

Press This window

For more information on what you can do with this cool feature, check out the Support Page on WordPress.com

WordPress Words: Child Theme

Child Theme: A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes allow you to modify, or add to the functionality of that parent theme. A child theme is the best, safest, and easiest way to modify an existing theme, whether you want to make a few tiny changes or extensive changes. Instead of modifying the theme files directly, you can create a child theme and override within. Read more on the definition at WordPress.

Child Themes are for Everyone

A child theme is used by anyone who plans to modify the code within his or her theme. It can apply to all themes; child themes are ubiquitous. If you modify your existing theme and then your theme is updated, all of the changes you made will be lost. They are overwritten by the updated code. Specifically, changes you make to a theme’s files within the directory (/themes/theme-name/).

Three Advantages of a Child Theme

You can update your existing theme (know as a parent theme) and still keep your modifications or changes.
Parent themes provide the design, widgets and plugins structure and framework. When you create a child theme from the parent, you get the functionality of the parent theme. The child theme inherits the CSS and PHP templates from the parent.
Lastly, a child theme allows you to set up a standalone directory. In that directory you can create copies of a theme’s files and experiment with modifications, and not have to consider the impact of future updates.


Child themes are very powerful. You can experiment and customize almost without limits. Yet they are simple to create and provide plenty of options for you to design a truly unique theme.

Resources Specific to Child Themes

See the list below to learn more about child themes:

Here is a Video for Aural and Visual Learners

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme – Video

WordPress Words: Tags

Tags: A group of descriptive words which provide a useful way to tell readers what a post is about.  They simply make it easier for people to find your content.  -Definition by WordPress.com Support -

About Tags

You can find the Tags section through the Dashboard and Posts submenu on WordPress.com.  You can also use them on your favorite social networking sites. You can tag your friends, photos of places you’ve been, and your current location.

Tags on WordPress.com

Examples Of Tags

On WordPress.com, lets say you want to write a post about bowling. You can add tags that are specific to that post. You would type in “bowling,” to add the tag. Popular tags show up in bigger lettering.

How To Add Tags on WordPress.com

Facebook and Twitter have some different methods of tagging.

To tag someone on Facebook, simply type in the persons name that you’re friends with and it will automatically tag them.

Twitter uses hash tags with the # symbol.  Example: In the Tweet below, @eddie included the hashtag #FF. Users created this as shorthand for “Follow Friday,” a weekly tradition where users recommend people that others should follow on Twitter. You’ll see this on Fridays.

How To Tweet - Image From Twitter.com

For More Information On Tags:

The following is information to help you learn more about tags and also how to use them on your favorite social networking sites.


WordPress Words: Media Library

The Media Library contains your images, videos, recordings and files that you upload to your blog. You can find the Media Library under the Add Media button at the top of your edit Post or Page screen, or on the sidebar to the right under Media.

The Media Library function is used to store files that you would like to add to a Page or a Post. You can create galleries and add audio and video to your themes to make your pages more appealing to your target audience by giving them visual and audio enhancement. You can also add custom images using this function. WordPress can generate a multitude of sizes to suit your needs, including thumbnail, medium, large and full size.

Using the Media Library

The Word on WordPress for the Week of October 20, 2014

The Clark College WordPress class students review WordPress news around the world to bring you the latest news and WordPress resources during the academic year.

WordPress Development

Twenty Fifteen Theme in Development: Discussions have begun about the new Twenty Fifteen Theme for WordPress. This is the first chat summary from October 21, 2014.

Planned updates to Query in WordPress 4.1: Work is almost complete on the proposed Query updates for 4.1 and testing is about to begin. Boone Gorges summarizes the changes ready to begin testing by developers.

WordPress News

Live Stream from WordCamp San Francisco 2014: WordCamp San Francisco 2014 is happening October 25-26, 2014. This annual conference is the official gathering for the WordPress community. Those not able to attend in person should consider attending via live stream. If you hurry there is an option to order streaming tickets and a T-shirt from the event but numbers are limited. You could watch WordCamp from the comfort of your living room and sport the T-shirt!

WordPress Planet News

Matt Mullenweg waxes poetic about the release of the Retina 5k iMac. He discusses the future of high definition displays and how WordPress development must continue to keep pace with this new technology.

Hat Tip: WordPress Planet

Planet WordPress News

Interview with Matt Madeiros: Mario Peshev interviews Matt Madeiros, an active member of the WordPress developer’s community and one of the most active podcast members. They cover topics from WordPress themes to what’s happening with the WordPress mentorshop support program.

Hat Tip: Planet WordPress

WordPress Tavern

Themosis Release Announced: Themosis, a object-oriented development framework, has moved from beta-testing and the 1.0 release has been announced. Creator Julian Lambé describes Themosis as “a mix between WordPress best practices and a typical MVC framework.”

WordPress.com News

Longreads’ Best of WordPress Vol. 7: Check out the newest collection of ten of Longreads’ favorite stories from across WordPress.

WordPress Videos and Tutorials

The following are tutorials and videos offering helpful information on using WordPress.

How to Limit the Number of Posts in WordPress RSS Feed: WPBeginner provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to limit the number of posts in a WordPress RSS feed.

The Future of WordPress: Great videos from Matt Mullenweg and Andrew Nacin These are two great videos from WordCamp Europe 2014 interviewing Matt Mullenweg and Andrew Nacin.

WordPress Words: Shortcodes

A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut. – http://en.support.wordpress.com/shortcodes/

About Shortcodes

WordPress has many shortcodes that can help you make your life a little bit easier.  Shortcodes can help you with things like embedding video or audio in your site, Google maps and Calenders, polls, Microsoft Office documents, and much more.

How to use Shortcodes

To use a shortcode, surround it in brackets in the text editor. do not use curly brackets like this {, use these [].

(I used the shortcode youtube=link to embed that video! )

More Information

What Do You Need to Know To Use WordPress?

When it comes to WordPress, there are a few things that people should know in order to be effective WordPress users and authors:

What WordPress is and What it Does

Wikipedia offers an accurate description of WordPress that is nicely summed up:

“WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. WordPress was used by more than 22.0% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites.”

For more information about WordPress, visit the About page on WordPress.org. Continue reading

WordPress Words: Media

Media plays a very important role in today’s society and greatly impacts how we communicate with one another. Almost any form of mass communication can be regarded as media, such as; television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet. WordPress itself is a form of media, because it’s a means for people to communicate through a medium. Although media can exist in many different forms, we want to talk about media and its relation to WordPress. This means we want to talk about online media, or more specifically, digital media and how it can be used in WordPress.

What is Digital Media?

According to businessdictionary.com, digital media “includes photos, video and music, distributed over the Internet, which are either non-copyrighted or copyrighted materials provided either freely or for a fee.”

Images, video, and audio are all media within WordPress. Using more than one of these mediums of communication at one time is referred to as multimedia. These help us convey our ideas and sentiments to others in a meaningful way and engages the viewer. In addition, it draws people’s attention to your website. Continue reading

WordPress Words: Plugins

Plugins are not just for your light bulb. They are a built structure in WordPress that is entirely optional. According to George Plumley in “WordPress The 24-Hour Trainer”:

These are bits of extra code that literally plug into the WordPress system and they provide additional functionality, from letting people rate the content on your site to automatically creating tweets on Twitter.

Plugins are a set of files that have to be installed and activated in order to work.



WordPress.com  includes many popular plugin functionality into their sites so you won’t find a tab for Plugins in WordPress. Some of those functions include:

One nice feature of WordPress, if there is a must-have Plugin that you feel others would benefit from, you can suggest it on the ideas forum. bbPress


Plugins extend WordPress into almost anything you can imagine. WordPress.org lists several Plugins like BuddyPress (social networking the WordPress way), Theme Check (a free theme validation service), and bbPress (forum software for WordPress). Those are just a few of the many available.

They can help you display a map or suggest a site to a visitor. The WordPress community has many to choose from and some have been cited and reviewed in ClarkWP WordPress Magazine – “WordPress Plugins”.

Theme Check
Theme Check


In order to use a Plugin you need to first install the Plugin.  After-all, it it a special add-on software that will extend WordPress beyond the functions that are built into it. The files have to be uploaded into special  plugins folders on the server. You can either use a file transfer protocol (FTP) program or automated install process in WordPress. Then use the instructions that go along with the Plugin to launch and use it.

In Conclusion

So, if there is something you are trying to get accomplished in WordPress, there may be a Plugin available to download, install, and activate to match your need. Just do a search using the sites listed to find a solution to enhance your site.



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